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Body Myofasical Therapy

Awaken your body with this rejuvenating session focusing on neural and fascial systems in the body that can be negatively influenced by poor posture, repetitive, or dysfunctional movements. The stressful movements are an injury by the body which initiates a repair process call Cumulative Injury Cycle.


CIC is an ongoing path of inflammation, muscle spasms, and the development of soft tissue adhesions that can alter one's neuromuscular control and muscle imbalance. The adhesions reduce the elasticity of the soft tissue and can eventually cause permanent lack of mobility & soft tissue structure often known as Davis's Law.


RPT's customized workout & SSP (soft tissue protocol) focuses on alleviating adhesions or trigger points to restore the right muscle movements and functions. SSP is guaranteed to make you feel light, lively, and rejuvenated after each session! 



Training with Coach EJ has been a God send! In just 4 WEEKS, I’ve gone from having limited mobility to RUNNING. Not only that, I’ve lost a total of 2 ¼ inches, my energy level has increased and I’m making smarter meal choices by simply following his instruction. It hasn’t been easy, but the return on the investment is huge!

“Progress not Perfection” has become my mantra and I can’t wait to see more results! Thanks Coach EJ Williams~



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