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Jan 4, 2023 - Feb 21, 2023

Beach Body Challenge

  • 49Days
  • 31Steps
Everyone who has completed all the steps will get a badge when the program ends.


YOU DESERVE THAT RIGHT BEACH BODY EVER. Dedicate yourself for the next 45 days taking your fitness routine to the righteous level! Coach EJ is here to guide you every step of the way: assisting you with the meal prep guidance, proper form, intense "all level" variations workouts & more. This challenge covers every aspect needed for the successful "beach body" including workouts, nutrition, cardio, & Coach EJ for Motivation. With all factors combined & your consistency, your results will do all the talking for you! 2023 is here; let's train our mind right & the body will follow! In and out of clothes, this challenge will be the best gift to yourself. All workouts include video w/clear voice over by yours truly. Breakdowns of each exercise + modifications. Full body circuits every training day to help your glutes/butt, tone lower/upper body, decrease waistline, and develop your abs/core for more curves in all right areas. This challenge will also shed unwanted back, arm, + stubborn fat along the waistline and face with our "righteous eating" nutrition plan. IN JUST 45 DAYS THIS CHALLENGE WILL: -Full Body Workouts For Any Fitness Level - At Home style that can be modified - Community support by using #hashtags over the next 45 days - 3-4x per week mixed in w/ your Cardio Days + active rest days LIMITED EQUIPMENT NEEDED 2 Pair of dumbbells Jump Rope Yoga Mat Resistance Bands at 5X5 feet of space for workouts

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