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What are steps are required to become a RPT instructor?

A potential instructor must first be sponsored by an existing RPT Franchise. Successful completion of the RPT Foundations Course is the first step in becoming a RPT Instructor. Choosing and successfully completing a RPT Format Certification is Step 2. Finally, Step 3 is obtain and maintain your RPT Membership.

How much does it cost to become a RPT Instructor?

The RPT Foundations Course cost $79. Format Certifications range from $119-$219. Instructors are assessed a $15/year membership fee each subsequent year they teach. This fee is assessed per format.

A potential instructor may incur additional costs related to any team-teaching protocol their Franchisee has in place. For example, a potential instructor may be required to maintain an RPT class membership for the duration of their hands-on team teaching. This should be discussed with the Franchisee sponsoring the potential instructor.

How much are instructors paid?

Instructor compensation is determined independently by the franchisee. Compensation should be discussed with the franchise sponsoring the potential instructor.

How many classes can I expect to teach weekly?

Classes are determined independently by franchisee. Compensation should be discussed with the franchisee sponsoring the potential instructor.

Can I use my RPT certifications outside of RPT?

RPT education and programming is proprietary. The certification you complete are meant to prepare you to teach a RPT franchise. The experience you gain from RPT is transferable, the proprietary is not.

How do I become a leader in Our Village?

To become a leader in Our Village contact the franchisee Director to get involved int the community.

Can my kids come with me when I teach?

Kids are allowed depending on your franchise location. Not recommended but only if there is a separate safe place for children under 7.

There's no RPT franchise near me, but I want to teach...What do I do?

We'd love to welcome you to RPT franchise family . Find more information here and connect with a franchise coach to determine if its the right fit for you!

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