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Coaching Life & Game development

2017-19 City of Raleigh Parks & Recreation Biltmore Hills Free Love & Learn Basketball & Stem  Clinic

Camp Director & Head Trainer


2015- Bob Mackinon NBA Skills Camp for Kids (NBA Gatorade League Head Coach  Texas Legends) 

Coach & Assistant

2008-2009- Donald Williams Camp (University of North Carolina).
Coach & Assistant

2012-2014- NCAA Minot State University Men's Basketball Skills Camp
Team Head Coach & Assistant 

2012-2014- NCAA Minot State University Women's Basketball Skills Camp

Team Head Coach & Assistant 

2012-2014- NCAA Minot State University Men's and Women's Team Camp  
Team Head Coach & Assistant 

2015- AAU Carolina Flash
Head Assistant Coach

In 2017, EJ became a father and entrepreneur, he was looking for a way to blend his passions for faith, fitness, and basketball he says.


"I started to create a program where I can help others and have my children involved all at the same time. I didn't want to miss any moment with my son." He recalled.


It was heaven sent. EJ created a personal training routine which included doctors, teachers, entrepreneurs, single mothers, families, and most importantly kids. His mission was to help others reach goals by instilling awareness about emotional intelligence. For example; The word "can't" is prohibited from being used at RPT, if and when it is used mandatory sit ups are required to continue. Coach EJ explains;

"Reconnecting oneself in totality to love starts from within, so using negative words like "can't" can make a simple push up seem like a mountain to climb.


In some situations this might be true, but for most it's a battle that starts in your mind. The way we think plays a huge role in reaching your goals.


For me I had to understand that I didn't understand, that battle mentally was the main factor I was angry all the time, it hindered me from moving forward. When is was time for me to get certified as a PT I was looking for a way to incorporate the mental aspect as to why over half of the United States is overweight: the answer was the lack of intelligence, emotionally. It was very difficult for one to make the right decision when they're not in a comfort zone and reaching your goals is not comfortable if that was the case we all would be successful according to out own standards.

Now he has helped thousands over the years partnering with the City of Raleigh Cultural and Resources by directing the "Love and Learn" free co-ed basketball clinic. Helping numerous of families by giving free workouts and emotional support. Also creating Soul Camps to bring families and kids together to build confidence, resiliency, and faith.


Coach E's passion gives top priority to faith, fitness, and basketball. "Our instructors are not just for professional athletes and trainers.  They are for everyone from fathers to moms to people who love helping others, not only physically and mentally but also spiritually.

Coach "E" graduated from Minot State University in Business Management with a minor in both Coaching and Kinesiology. He is also certified by NASM (National Academy Sports & Medicine) as a personal trainer, specializing in behavior change & basketball player development. He also designed AOBMM (Academy of Business, Media and Marketing) a workshop and an internship program that allows students and business owners learn how to be successful marketing as an entrepreneur.

He was voted for the City of Raleigh Coach of the Year in 2019 and plans to publish his book named "The Righteous Way" telling his story to help with habitual betterment. Also hosting marketing workshops across the nation and speaking engagement to help others "train the mind right" by educating kids, families, and business owners to make faith, family, and fitness their top priorities.

After falling in love with the game of basketball,  becoming a McDonald's All-American Nominee leading to multiple basketball scholarship offers. Throughout college "Coach E" struggled with injuries, yet still being voted captain on every collegiate program by being a fierce competitor and leading by example. After graduating college in 2014, Coach E was voted the #1 point guard during the 2015 Gatorade League National Tryouts and 6th overall. Afterwards he earned an NBA Gatorade League contract. He played through injuries to avoid being labeled "injure prone," but this choice ultimately left him unable to play professional basketball.

Coach E has years of experience in fitness and coaching basketball in 2 countries, over the course of which, he has been privileged to work and play with some of the best athletes and coaches around the world.

Coach EJ lives and thrives the Righteous Personal Training mission statement "Training the mind right educating righteous principles into health wellness programs that increase faith, family, and basketball". He lives in North Carolina with his wife, son and daughter. 

Education & Certifications

Harvard University Vice Provost Financial Technology 2021

Minot State University 2014  Bachelors Degree in Business 

Cape Fear Community College Associate Degree 2012

National Academy of Sports Medicine: Certified Personal Trainer 2018

CPR & AED Certified 2009 

NASM Behavior Change Specialist 2018  

National Federation HS Interscholastic 2020

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