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Online Personal Training Done Right

Awaken your body with this rejuvenating sessions focusing on neural and fascial systems in the body that can be negatively influenced by poor posture, repetitive, or dysfunctional movements. The stressful movements are an injury by the body which initiates a repair process call Cumulative Injury Cycle.


CIC is an ongoing path of inflammation, muscle spasms, and the development of soft tissue adhesions that can alter one's neuromuscular control and muscle imbalance. The adhesions reduce the elasticity of the soft tissue and can eventually cause permanent lack of mobility & soft tissue structure

CORE; RPT online virtual body therapy exercise program is a designed to hold you accountable and  workout in your own comfort. This program will guide you through various workouts with video instructions. Providing a choice of 3 online programs. Accountability, results, and comprehensive communication are essential for the FIT not Force with a brief face to face start to some sessions and weekly meets up for mental & mindset motivation. If you're interested in virtual engagement that includes  video exercise library , customized meal planning, nutritional guidance, cleanses, and more. This is the right fit for YOU!

Remember Your Body Type


"Difficult to lose weight"



"Difficult to gain weight"



"Easy to gain & lose weight"

  • Holding your hands every step of the righteous way!

  • Giving you the nutrition information every step of the way, the righte...

  • Holding you Accountable every step of the way, the righteous way!

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