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Training your mind right & the body will follow. Our programs and short courses provides methods to elevate your way of thinking in 3 ways: Mindset Cheat Codes, Righteous Personal Training, and Secrets of Basketball to elevate your soul the right way! We believe to build healthy habits one must start from within. We've  inspired thousands to be victorious giving all the glory to God; the supernatural spirit of excellence & unity!

 Mindset Cheat Codes provides strategic learning such as business & credit ebooks through advanced learning techniques such as  1on1 motivational calls and continuous education to help inform about resources, machine learning, and maneuvering through systems. Righteous Personal Training creates personal programs for kids, adults, and professional athletes to help with sports medicine & corrective exercise. Specializing in behavior change to hold you accountable towards your goals. Secrets of Basketball breakdowns basketball player development moves and workouts to educate how to perform the right way! Righteous Training programs are for begginers to advanced athletes. We have  low impact modifications to high intensity interval training starting at the age of 5 year. Our initial approach is to build your weaknesses to prevent injuries for optimal performance. We incorporate a supernatural essence of excellence by uplifting you with inspirational pep talks, testimonies, and historic information to make the right changes. Putting righteous principles into various coaching programs is RPT. Stimulating advanced learning resources by offering entrepreneurs leadership courses and ebooks about finances and technology for entrepreneurs. It's Time to get Right!

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"Train the mind right & the body will follow"



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"I just committed to the first man since my divorce....a personal trainer. Not only will he have me sweating it out two days a week for six months, he focuses on the emotional side of it all also. Get yourself hooked up for some self-love!"

-Mandie R.


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