At Righteous Personal Training we help develop holistically meaning we focus on your overall health as a whole: Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, and Financially The 4 categories plays a huge factor in determining your health and stress levels  .


WE COACH others on staying focused emotionally by keeping God first, mentally by learning strategies, and physically by developing actions plans for performance charts.


Allow yourself to take control of your well-being. Our guided seminars, strength and conditioning programs, and financial technology solutions.

This is for you: individuals and business owners

To control your life!


Mind, Body, & Soul "Train the mind right" and the body will follow."

Righteous Personal Training develops the whole person.

Mentally through fitness we will be emotionally aware!

One must start from within to build the righteous way!

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"Train the mind right & the body will follow"



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How it all started @LoveRighteousTraining has change so many lives. Specializing in behavior change this allows athletes and professionals to value emotional awareness combined with physical injury prevention within sports.


Weight loss, toning, lifting, mobility, and flexibility!

For optimal performance and health.


Our RPT model helps coaches and clients communicate effectively to reach goals. In-Person & Guided online programs for level 1 & 2.

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Personal Development 

Putting righteous principles into various coaching programs is Righteous Personal Training "RPT". Stimulating advanced learning resources by offering entrepreneurs leadership courses and ebooks about finances and technology for entrepreneurs. It's Time to get Right!

Work Hard! Work Smart! Work Right!


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Tools to help you reach goals the right way!


Our passion is helping others become leaders. Lets  grow together!